Feature Overview Dynamics Time & Attendance

The software for tracking and managing time entries, attendance, overtime, vacation and sick leave within Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics Time & Attendance is the software for tracking and managing time entries, attendance, overtime, vacation and sick leave within Microsoft Dynamics 365. The time tracking entries can be made via Microsoft Outlook, web browsers, time recording terminals or mobile devices. Various options for further processing as well as reporting are available.

Attendance Management

Time Tracking and Attendance Management

Dynamics Time & Attendance is the software for tracking and managing time entries, attendance, overtime, vacation and sick leave within Microsoft Dynamics 365. The time tracking entries can be made via Microsoft Outlook, web browsers, time recording terminals or mobile devices.

  • Working hours and overtime
  • Project hours (optional with Project Module)
  • Time Entries and Time Sheets
  • Attendance overview: daily, weekly, monthly

Time Clock

Every organization is different. Every employee and every situation requires options for time tracking that suit their needs. Dynamics Time & Attendance fulfills the demands of innovative time tracking in one unified solution.

How do we do this? We offer six different time tracking options that you can combine as you wish with your preferred devices. For every situation and every employee there is a suitable solution.

  • Employee Cockpit
  • Log in and out via Start / Stop Key
  • Log in via a grid (similar to Excel)
  • Time tracking direct in Microsoft Outlook, Browser, Tablet or Smartphone
  • Log in from the office, in home office or on business trips in hotel
  • Integration of time tracking terminals

Absence Management

Absence Management

Whether it is vacation requests, sickness notes, overtime management or parental leave - every kind of leave can be managed quickly, or logged directly by the employee via the Employee Self-Service Portal.

Supervisors and colleagues can see absences and react when required. Synchronization with Outlook calendar is fully automated.

  • Self-Service for absence
    e.g. vacation requests, inquiry about remaining leave or sick leave entitlement
  • Regional public holiday calendar
  • Company-wide absence calendar including business closure
  • Company-wide vacation management
  • Type of absence: by the hour, by the day

One Calendar for Everything

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365, every employee has access to their own calendar. Employees can view and manage their appointments in Outlook, and on their smartphone or tablet, and schedule their daily tasks.

Dynamics Employee Administration is seamlessly integrated in this calendar - out of the box - in every department, for every employee. The calendar is available immediately and always synchronized.

And with that, you've put HR in the center of your employees' world.

  • At a glance, coordinate vacation time with colleagues
  • Easily arrange appointments with colleagues from other departments
  • View upcoming training events in your calendar
  • Check availability of participants for training events
  • Performance Reviews, deadlines and more are displayed in your calendar
  • View short absences, including scheduled duration, in colleagues' calendars
  • Longer absences such as maternity leave, hiatus etc. are displayed when relevant
  • Use the same calendar: on the go, offline and on every device

Mobile Working

Work on any device, in a reliable Microsoft App

Get your work done, wherever you are and on whatever device you have at hand. Trust the reliability of Microsoft Apps, Microsoft Outlook or your preferred browser.

If you prefer to use a browser, you have the choice between Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, but also Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  • Notebook
  • Desktop PC
  • Tablets (Surface, iPad, Android)
  • Smartphone (Windows Phone, iPhone, Android) 
  • Microsoft Surface Book

Work on the go - in the office, at home or on a business trip

Every company is different; Every employee and situation can have different requirements. At last, Dynamics Time & Attendance provides a solution to suit any working environment.

A typical day at the office with Dynamics Time & Attendance...

  • Start HR Management in the office in Microsoft Outlook
  • Switch to the browser in the conference room
  • Work offline from home in the afternoon
  • In the meantime, call an applicant via Microsoft Teams
  • Quickly check your remaining vacation allowance at the travel agents on your smartphone
  • In an emergency, send a sick note via smartphone


Microsoft Outlook and more...

With Dynamics Time & Attendance, you can handle all your HR tasks in the familiar Outlook environment. Right next to your email inbox, you'll find all you need for HR management, including digital HR files, recruiting and training, and even important evaluations and deadlines.

If you prefer, you can also use your favorite browser or even your smartphone. You'll be amazed how easily HR management can be!

  • Work directly in Outlook
  • No need to learn new HR software
  • Arrange appointments with applicants in Outlook calendar
  • Approve vacation requests as an email or Outlook task
  • Work wherever you are, on any browser
  • Work offline in Outlook and sync data at a later point
  • You can even work on any Android, Microsoft or Apple Smartphone

Employee Self-Service

Dynamics Employee Self-Service enables your employees to check their remaining leave entitlement at any time. The software compares vacation allowance with approved vacation days and calculates the remaining available leave. A chart provides an easy to read overview.

Your employees can plan their holidays much more easily, and supervisors can see at a glance if vacation days are still available.

  • Employees, supervisors and HR department can view remaining vacation days anytime
  • Remaining leave entitlement is automatically calculated
  • View in an easy to read chart
  • Simplify vacation planning for employees
  • Give supervisors a better overview of open leave entitlement


Real Time Reporting

With Dynamics Time & Attendance you have access to all evaluations in every area of time tracking - in real time. Receive an immediate overview of working hours, vacation and sickness leave, the recruiting process, further education needs and more in informative charts and tables - for many employees or for one specific employee.

  • Reporting of all aspects of HR in real time
  • Diagrams and Tables for immediate overview
  • Evaluation pro employee or company wide
  • Spontaneous evaluation - in every department with each employee
  • Further details uncovered with mouse click
  • Export into PDF, Excel or PowerPoint format


Security and Maintenance

Integrated security and tools

The protection of company data on mobile devices is vital. Dynamics HR Management overcomes this challenge thanks to integrated security functions and a range of tools to maintain data access on smartphones and tablets.

Simple access control

With the help of device specific security guidelines, you can be sure that data can only be accessed and synchronised on authorised smartphones and tablets. The installation and maintenance of guidelines is simple and quick to set up.

Remote deletion of Office data

Deletion of Office 365 data from specific devices can be undertaken remotely, as needed. Private data of the employee are left untouched.

Easily transfer files

There's a solution for the problem of sending large email assessments to applicants, employees, external trainers and freelancers; its name is Microsoft OneDrive. You can share files such as PDFs, Word documents, Excel sheets or even ZIP files directly from Dynamics Recruiting to any number of recipients.

OneDrive is so easy to use. Just drag and drop the files to one or more recipient, and they'll receive a message. They can download and edit the files - and vice-versa.

  • OneDrive instead of email attachments
  • Uncomplicated sharing of documents
  • Share any file size with any number of recipients
  • Message is sent automatically to recipient
  • Recipient is notified of any further updates to the file
  • Excellent data security due to Microsoft encryption